How To Create and Reset For UPI PIN in Paytm

You can enjoy the convenience of UPI Payments in Paytm as well. But, It is difficult to do the common tasks of the UPI system. A new user has to scout for the UPI PIN change, Bank account addition or UPI ID creation. In this post, I would guide you the way to generate, Reset or Change UPI PIN through the Paytm.

What is UPI PIN

UPI PIN is the last security barrier of the UPI Payment system. The fund transfer takes place immediately once you enter the UPI PIN.

UPI PIN is Linked To Bank Account

This PIN is just like ATM PIN and has 4 digits. You have to set UPI PIN for every bank account. It remains the same, irrespective of the UPI app. This PIN would remain the same whether you are using Paytm, Phonepe, BHIM or SBI Pay.

You can Change UPI PIN From Any UPI App

So, if you have already set UPI PIN for a bank account, you don’t need to set it again through the Paytm. However, if you have forgotten that PIN, you can change it through the Paytm. In fact, you can use any app  (BHIM AppTez, Phonepe, SBI Pay etc.) which uses UPI functionality for payments.

It Has Made Payments Easier

The UPI is the easiest way of fund transfer. As it neither requires full account detail of beneficiary nor you have to enter debit card details or net banking account password for the authentication. A 4 digit UPI PIN has made the authentication quite easy. Choose beneficiary, fill amount and enter the UPI PIN. That’s it.

How To Set or Change UPI PIN

To set a new PIN you have to prove your authenticity. It happens through your ATM card and mobile number. A person can set UPI PIN only if he/ she have your unlocked mobile and ATM card both. To set PIN, you have to enter following details of the debit card.

  1. last 6 digits of the debit card
  2. Validity/expiry date

Besides asking these details the system would send an OTP to your registered mobile number. As you enter the OTP, you would be able to set the new UPI PIN.

Steps To Set, Reset and Change UPI PIN

1- Open the Paytm App and tap on the Menu. You can find it in the top left corner of the screen.

2- Tap on the top where your name is written. It would open your Profile section.

3- Scroll down your profile section. You would find the link for ‘Saved Payment details & settings’. Tap on that link.

4- Now you would see your VPA (virtual Payment address) and linked bank accounts. In the Paytm, you can set different bank account for sending and receiving money. There are two section for that. From the ‘sending money’ section, you can set UPI PIN for any listed bank account. If your required bank account is not listed, you can do it by adding another bank. A link is given for this purpose. You can also check bank balance from this space.

Tap on the desired bank account. Next, you would be able to see the options to change or reset UPI PIN. If you had already set the UPI PIN, there would be a message of this regard.



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